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Barleymont Fairlop Montessori Nursery

02085012673       07841911933 (Work Mobile)
Opening Hours – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm


Good Practice

Specialised Co-ordinators
We have specialised co-ordinators to support children’s learning and development. They receive regular trainings and support other members of staff.

SENCO Co-ordinators
PSED Co-ordinator
Behaviour Management Co-ordinator
2 Year old Co-ordinator
Physical Development Co-ordinator


Quilt – Quality Assurance Scheme

QUILT: We participate in the QUILT Programme (Quality in learning and Teaching) offered at our local authority.


Our Redbridge local education authority Early Years Team known as North Locality Early Years and Childcare Improvement Team(EYCIT) continuously monitors and supervises our operations on a term to term basis, and based on their evaluation the level of support is offered. They also offer various early years staff trainings on term basis and we access most of these trainings every term.


We are based in the North of Redbridge Borough of London hence we come under the Early Years North Locality Team.