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Barleymont Fairlop Montessori Nursery

02085012673       07841911933 (Work Mobile)
Opening Hours – 7:00 am to 7:00 pm


How to Apply

Making an application

To apply please visit your local Children’s Centre and ask a family support worker to make an application for you. Your Health Visitor, Social Worker, participating childcare provider or any other professional who is working with your family can also make an application for you.

Barleymont Fairlop Montessori Nursery is a participating nursery in the 2 year old Funding offer. Our Nursery Manager can make an application for 2 year old funding and refer to the Funding Manager of Redbridge Borough.

Please get in touch with us either via email or phone to make an appointment for funded 2 year old spaces and making an application.

Our email address –
Our Phone number     02085012673
Managers Name Mrs. Martina Garcia Diaz